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Retreats / 'The Beach' / Italy

Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson Retreats / 'The Beach' by Max Tomlinson
All of this in a natural setting that will quite literally take your breath away. Maxís team creates the space for guests to take action, step up, check in and get the wellness results they crave.

Our guests wake up each morning awed at what they have achieved the day before and excited about what they will be encouraged to achieve today. They feel alive, present and deeply proud of themselves. We focus on helping our guests meet their fitness, nutritional, detox and weight management goals through our simple and highly effective whole body immersion program.

What this means to you is daily outdoor gentle exercise that includes long walks along our beautiful beaches, hiking in the mountains, mountain biking, body toning and sculpting, stretching sessions and a super-healthy gourmet diet. The hiking courses range in difficulty and conclude with special shared moments that celebrate the spectacular natural surroundings - such as a rustic picnic high in the mountains or a dinner in a secluded cove. In the evening guests are welcome to enjoy a juice or a glass of superb local wine while watching the sun go down over the peaks.

And, of course, the dedicated hotel staff at Forte Village will tend to your every need. This is your holiday after all and you deserve the 5 star treatment.

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Spas / SHA Wellness Clinic / Spain

SHA do not simply understand health as the absence of illness, but rather as one's overall well-being both physically and mentally.
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Retreats / 'The Mountain' / Italy
Retreats / 'The Mountain' by Max Tomlinson
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